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MacBook Pro 2016: you need an adapter to connect your iPhone

Apple has just lifted the sail on its new MacBook pro 2016. As you can see, these have many new features and among them, we can mention the arrival of 4 ports USB-C. Although this innovation is above all an advantage, it nevertheless poses a small problem…

macbook pro 2016 usb c - MacBook Pro 2016: you need an adapter to connect your iPhoneIndeed, it is no longer possible to use your iPhone with these new MacBook Pro. Since the latter do not have conventional USB ports, the cables supplied with the iPhone cannot be used. To transfer files from your computer, you must necessarily use a USB-C to USB adapter. Such an accessory is not given since it must be purchased separately for a price of 25 €. It is also possible to use the USB-C to Lightning cable from the firm to the apple. This costs € 29 for the 1 meter model and € 39 for the 2 meter model.

This therefore risks making users of these new MacBook Pro who have an iPhone moan. However, it is very likely that Apple will solve this little problem in the future. We could for example be entitled to a specific adapter or we will have to wait for the iPhone 8, which will probably be sold with a USB-C cable.