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MacBook Pro 2016 would have 4 USB-C ports


Posted: October 27 2016
Updated: October 27, 2016

by benjamin

We are now only a few hours away from the keynoteHello again ” during which Apple will set sail on his new MacBook Pro 2016. Meanwhile, information around these future laptops continues to multiply on the web.

After confirming the presence of the OLED touch bar (Magic Toolbar) and the integration of Touch ID by the final version of the new update of macOS Sierra, MacBook Pro fans are now wondering if the 4 ports USB-C will also be there.

macbook pro 2016 4 usb c ports - MacBook Pro 2016 would have 4 USB-C portsIndeed, old rumors mentioned this possibility a few months ago. If one bases oneself on the various confirmations of the other noises of corridors previously quoted, it could well be that this one is also confirmed and that there are indeed two ports on each side.

If these 4 USB-C ports are really present, they will be among the main novelties of the future MacBook Pro of 2016. At the moment, nothing is sure about this. However, we will quickly find out this evening with the official presentation keynote for these highly anticipated new laptops.