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MacBook Pro 2016: Video parody mocks “new stuff”

Apple has set sail on its new MacBook Pro 2016 during a keynote held in Cupertino on October 27. As you can see, these new laptops for professionals are accompanied by several new features. While some are welcome, others are less appreciated by users and this has earned several criticisms of the apple company. Reviews that a user has put together in a humorous video parody.

macbook pro 2016 parody - MacBook Pro 2016: a video parody makes fun of

Indeed, in the video in question, we find all the things criticized by Apple on its new MacBook Pro. We can cite as an example the absence of magnetic charger, the quality of the front camera (720p and not 1080p), the absence of HDMI port or the DisPay port for virtual reality, the disappearance of the SD reader which allowed the rapid transfer of photos and videos, the disappearance of the luminous logo, or the limitation of the RAM to 16 GB.

Overall, the new MacBook Pro are criticized for being less professional than they claim to be. By removing certain elements that were hitherto widely used, Apple has drawn the wrath of certain customers, especially since it sells its new computers at exorbitant prices …