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MacBook Pro 2016: Samsung would have designed the OLED Touch Bar


Posted: November 3 2016
Updated: November 3, 2016

by benjamin

Apple last week unveiled its new MacBook Pro during his keynote ” Hello again ” As we could see during the announcement, the new computers display as main innovation the integration of a bar OLED touch screen below the traditional function keys. Baptized Touch Bar, it offers users new shortcuts for optimal user comfort.

macbook pro 2016 touch bar - MacBook Pro 2016: Samsung would have designed the OLED Touch BarToday, ETNews teaches us something interesting about this OLED bar. According to the Asian site, it would be designed by Samsung. Indeed, the apple company would be interested in this technology and would even consider using it for the screens of its future MacBook Pro. The integration of the Touch Bar Touch would therefore be a way for it to test the reliability of this technology over the long term before being able to integrate it into its future products.

For your information, OLED technology brings more finesse and brightness to the screen. Better yet, it is very energy efficient compared to LCD technology and can therefore promote the autonomy of the device. While nothing is official yet today, this is not surprising, especially if Apple decides to switch to OLED technology for MacBook Pro for years to come.