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MacBook Pro 2016: sales already higher than other laptops


Posted: November 10 2016
Updated: November 10, 2016

by benjamin

The new ones MacBook Pro 2016 were revealed on October 27 during a keynote held by Apple in its headquarters in Cupertino. When they came out, there were many critics, both from users and from other competitors of the company. However, this does not appear to affect the sales of these computers.

Indeed, if we are to believe the new data presented by Slice Intelligence, the revenues generated by the new laptops of the firm with the apple in just 5 days would already be higher than those of the latest PCs from other manufacturers like Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo or Asus.

slice macbook pro 2016 sales - MacBook Pro 2016: sales already higher than other laptopsA rather surprising situation since these new MacBook Pro were only launched very recently. However, the novelties they carry (Touch Bar and Touch ID mainly) have certainly been very good arguments to push users to buy them.

As a reminder, the new MacBook Pro of 2016 sell at rather high prices. The price of the most basic 13 inch model is 1699 euros and you have to pay at least 1,999 euros to get the version with Touch Bar and Touch ID. Besides, this price can go up to 4,999 euros if you choose the 15 inch model with all the options…