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MacBook Pro 2016: keyboard problems for some users


Posted: February 22, 2017
Updated: February 22, 2017

by benjamin

Shortly after their launch last year, the new MacBook Pro have experienced significant autonomy concerns (read: MacBook Pro 2016: battery autonomy problems?. Disconnected from the sector, some models held barely more than 3 hours. After a few months of lull, laptops Apple who again talk about them.

macbook pro 2016 touch bar - MacBook Pro 2016: keyboard problems for some users

On the site forum MacRumors, several owners of the MacBook Pro 2016 explain that certain keys on the keyboard produce a higher pitched sound when they are pressed. A member of the information portal even published a video by way of illustration. According to initial observations, this noise only appears when the computer starts to heat up. For now, this sound problem is not associated with any keyboard malfunction, but the noise can quickly become irritating.

Other users are experiencing far more annoying issues with the keyboard of their MacBook Pro. Some keys stop working at times, and others remain pressed after being used. These malfunctions often make the keyboard unusable and of course cause typing errors. These keyboard issues seem to only affect the 2016 15-inch MacBook Pro at the moment. Apple has yet to respond to the complaints.