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MacBook Pro 2016: graphics card problems?


Posted: November 28 2016
Updated: November 28, 2016

by benjamin

Apple recently began mass deployment of its new MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch Bar. Some buyers have already received their laptop and have started using it to find out what it really has in their stomachs. After a few days of use, it seems that some users have encountered problems with the Graphic card.

Indeed, the screen of their new MacBook Pro does not display all the images correctly. At times, it starts to bug and simply displays several colors such as green, blue or even red. And of course there is nothing users can do when this problem arises.

macbook pro 2016 graphics card problem - MacBook Pro 2016: graphics card problems?For the moment, we do not yet know the real sources of the problem. However, some specialists believe that it is related to encoding since the malfunction occurs especially when users use the video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro.

However, others also believe that the Photos app and the process “ Are there for something. At present, no one is sure of anything yet. Moreover, the apple company has not yet reacted to this problem and we are therefore waiting for the solution it will offer on this subject.