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MacBook Pro 2016: Apple abandons bright logo & startup sound


Posted: November 2 2016
Updated: November 2, 2016

by benjamin

Apple unveiled its new MacBook Pro for the keynote “ Hello again That she held last week in her headquarters in Cupertino. As you can see, these new models come with many new features, whether in terms of design or functionality. Among the most interesting, we cannot forget to talk about the arrival of the Touch OLED bar or the integration of the Touch ID.

macbook pro 2016 silver gray sideral - MacBook Pro 2016: Apple abandons bright logo & startup soundHowever, these aren’t the only changes these new laptops are getting. According to early feedback like the one shared by MacG, the new MacBook Pro from the firm with the apple no longer offers the “beep” sound that was heard when the machine started. It is therefore done today in a silent manner like the start-up of the iPhone or even the iPad.

Another interesting detail, the new MacBook Pro of 2016 no longer have a bright logo on the back. As a reminder, it has been present on Apple laptops for over 15 years. Now, it has disappeared and gives way a shiny metal logo like the one we see on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch…