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MacBook Pro 2016: a keynote on October 27?


Posted: October 19 2016
Updated: October 19, 2016

by benjamin

As recently as yesterday, we were reporting a rumor that the new MacBook Pro would indeed be presented this month (read: MacBook Pro 2016: confirmed October release, with a MacBook Air?). This information is gradually confirmed today and we now have a presentation date.

MacBook Pro 2016 black concept - MacBook Pro 2016: a keynote on October 27?If we believe the information just shared by the very serious Re / Code, a keynote will be held by Apple on Thursday, October 27. During the latter, the Cupertino company should lift the veil on the long-awaited 2016 MacBook Pro and, if rumors speak true, on a new MacBook Air.

Although it is not yet official, this date is nevertheless quite likely since it coincides with all the corridor noises that have already circulated about this new MacBook Pro 2016. By the way, the report concerning its release for the end of the month could also be truthful. However, nothing is sure yet, and all we have to do is wait for confirmation from Apple. If the formalization will take place on October 27, then the Apple should not delay informing us!