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MacBook Pro 2016: a collaboration between Apple & Consumer Reports


Posted: January 2 2017
Updated: January 2, 2017

by benjamin

At the end of last month, Consumer Reports has released the results of its tests on MacBook Pro 2016. The American monthly magazine mentioned a major concern in terms of battery life, and did not recommend computers to American consumers. Unsurprisingly, Apple wants to cooperate with the magazine to avoid bad publicity.

macbook pro 2016 - MacBook Pro 2016: a collaboration between Apple & Consumer Reports

MacBook Pro 2016: large variations in autonomy

The autonomy tests were performed on the MacBook Pro 13 ″ without Touch Bar, MacBook Pro 13 ″ with Touch Bar, and MacBook Pro 15 ″ with Touch Bar. The autonomy of the 13-inch versions went from 16 to 12.75 hours, then to 3.75 hours with TB (from 19.5 to 4.5 hours without TB). The 15 ″ model lasted 8 and 18.5 hours on the second test. These large variations did not reassure Consumer Reports. The magazine therefore did not advise the general public to buy the 2016 range, a first for a MacBook.

Apple wonders

Long silent, the apple brand admits to being surprised by the results of the American monthly. It considers that they are too out of step with the tests carried out by the company before the launch of the computers. Apple intends to understand the diagnosis of Consumer Reports, and has therefore announced a cooperation.