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MacBook Pro 2016: a 5K screen and wireless charging?


Posted: July 13 2016
Updated: July 13, 2016

by benjamin

In the same way as theiPhone 7 and theiPhone 7 Plus, we also look forward to the arrival of the future MacBook Pro Retina. Each week, new information is shared about it and it is more and more numerous on the web.

After the corridor noises concerning the appearance of an OLED bar (instead of the function keys), USB-C ports and a Touch ID sensor, we are now informed that this computer intended for professionals could also integrate a 5K screen and benefit from a wireless charging system.

Macbook pro 2016 OLED bar concept siri 1024x512 - MacBook Pro 2016: a 5K screen and wireless charging?For this time, it’s theUniversity Herald which is the source of the rumor. According to its report, the new Apple MacBook Pro would be accompanied by several new features, including those announced above. The MacBook Pro 2016 would also carry an NFC chip, an Intel Skylake processor and would acquire more random access memory (RAM). However, the autonomy would always remain the same as that of current models.

This should certainly boost the performance of this laptop and allow it to regain market share (read: Apple: Mac sales down in the second quarter of 2016). However, these are still rumors for now and it is obviously not certain that the apple company is preparing a MacBook Pro Retina with such characteristics.