iFixit dismounts the new 16-inch MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro 16 disassembled: Welded RAM and SSD and keyboard scissors already seen

icon macbook 2016More information on the latest Apple computer. This time, we're talking about dismounting since it's iFixit who started to take the box that must arrive in ten days for customers lambda. If it is not the complete disassembly of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, we already learn some interesting information.

A keyboard already seen in 2015

The keyboard is necessarily the most important of this MBP 16 since Apple has abandoned the butterfly mechanism in favor of a new model scissors. By dismantling it, iFixit's DIYers have actually discovered an integrated Magic Keyboard. This is the external keyboard released in 2015 and that you can buy for about 100. Of course there are micro differences like the race which is 0.5 mm shorter (the keys are a bit smoother) and the thickness of the keys that increased by 0.2mm. But in the end, it is possible to replace a key on the MacBook with that of the external keyboard. To justify the novelty, Apple seems to have strengthened the mechanism with a stronger attachment under each element.

macbook pro 16 keyboard touch

RAM and SSD solder motherboard

For the rest, iFixit finds that the SSD and RAM are both solder the motherboard of the MacBook Pro, as it is already the case on the models of the previous generation. It will be necessary to choose the right configuration from the beginning because you will not be able to replace them afterwards.

While waiting for the complete dismantling, this is what the bowels of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro have revealed. For memory, it starts 2699 and can mount 7139 with all the options!

Finally, Apple's MacBook Pro 16-inch laperu video: