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MacBook of 2018: Apple is preparing a keyboard with E-Ink keys


Posted: October 20 2016
Updated: October 20, 2016

by benjamin

A few days ago, we learned that Apple was considering incorporating E-Ink keys into its MacBook of 2018. Information which seems to be confirmed according to a recent report of the Wall street journal. According to the American daily, the apple firm is in talks with the Australian company Probe design, which will soon launch this type of keyboard.

Keyboard Sonder keyboarde ink - MacBook 2018: Apple is preparing a keyboard with E-Ink keysThanks to the E-Ink keys, the keyboards of future MacBooks will be able to offer multiple unique and completely innovative features. Among the most attractive, we can for example speak of their ability to change intelligently to adapt to the arrangements used in each country (AZERTY, QWERTY, etc.). These keyboards can also automatically display Emoji for example, and therefore adapt to all user needs.

As mentioned above, the keyboard with E-Ink keys would only be provided for future MacBooks. However, it is very likely that the Cupertino brand also offers it on its other computers so that everyone can enjoy it. Such technology will not be ready until 2018 and in any case, all eyes are on the MacBook Pro 2016 which will be presented on October 27!