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MacBook: manage the brightness of your keyboard in 6 steps

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The backlit keyboard on the MacBook has a few advantages, especially when you're using your macOS in dark rooms.

Thanks to its clear keys, whose brightness is adjustable according to your needs, you will more easily experience typing errors.

Sometimes it can be useful to turn this feature off, especially when your MacBook is running low and you need power.

Since the macOS High Sierra system update (2017), the keyboard backlight can be configured directly via the settings of your device.

In this tutorial, we explain, in 6 steps, how to turn off the keyboard light on your Mac.

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Using the keyboard backlight commands

At first, if you do not want to permanently turn off the backlight of your Mac, then simply use the brightness keys on your keyboard.

On MacBook without Touch Bar, such as Air, press the F5 and F6 keys to dim or dim the lights.

As for the models equipped with Touch Bar, simply touch the light icon, a horizontal line with five points on its top.

Disable backlighting via MacBook settings

To remove the backlight in the long term, you will have to go directly to the settings, for this:

  • Click on the Apple Preferences System.
  • Click on Keyboard.
  • On the window that appears, uncheck the box Adjust the keyboard brightness in low light.
  • Then tick Disable keyboard backlight after (hard) activity.
  • Define the duration of your choice.

Later, if you want to turn on the backlight, then you can do the reverse process.

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