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MacBook: keyboards with E-Ink & OLED screens in 2018?


Posted: October 17, 2016
Updated: October 17, 2016

by benjamin

While we are still impatiently awaiting the arrival of the new MacBook Pro (read: MacBook Pro 2016: a declination in black?), now that new rumors are already spreading regarding the successor model. Indeed, it is rumored that Apple could ship screen keyboards E-Ink and OLED on its future MacBooks, which should see the light from 2018.

When it comes to OLED displays, we all know that the MacBook Pro 2016s will have them in the form of a large bar instead of the traditional function keys. So there is no surprise about it. The change that interests us the most here concerns rather the arrival of a new keyboard for which the keys would integrate small E-Ink screens.

keyboard e ink sonder - MacBook: keyboards with E-Ink & OLED screens in 2018?

Moreover, a first prototype of this innovative keyboard already exists (Sonder, photo above) and we can very well see the E-Ink keys (backlit), which offer multiple possibilities and can even be personalized according of his needs.

At present, the firm with the apple would already carry out tests on this future keyboard internally. Its availability would be scheduled for the year 2018. However, nothing is yet assured for the moment and we do not yet know the real intentions of Apple. However, what is certain is that such technology will delight MacBook users.