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MacBook: Apple could introduce a "glass" keyboard

MacBook: Apple could introduce a "glass" keyboard

The Californian group would prepare a new technology for the keyboards of its MacBook.

The information is quite fresh: Apple has just filed a patent with the US patent office for a new type of keyboard.

The document in question describes a new kind of keyboard, which does not use mechanical keys but tactile keys which can be located with the fingertip of the user by means of small ribs on a glass surface. The keyboard in question would be intended for future laptops of the apple.

In the same document, Apple describes how the device works, explaining in particular that the sensations will approach those obtained by the use of a mechanical keyboard since the user will feel pressure when he presses a key.

There is currently no guarantee that this technology will ever be used. Faithful to its habits, Apple is exploring several avenues for its future innovations. The fact that the company is patenting this technology is only intended to protect its creation.