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MacBook Air replacement expected in September

MacBook Air replacement expected in September

Next to new Apple Watch models, analyst Ming Chi Kuo expects to see the MacBook Air replacement at the end of the year.

Abandoned last year by the apple, the MacBook Air leaves a space vacuum in the apple portfolio.

Today, consumers must necessarily go for the MacBook or MacBook Pro, two models much more expensive than the MacBook Air.

To avoid a collapse in sales, and well aware that the lack of low cost model is detrimental to it, especially among students, Apple would prepare a new low cost computer model, the price of which would approach the bar of 1000 euros.

This successor to the MacBook Air would not take the name of its ancestors and would be introduced as a new product. With a separate name.

A way for Apple to retaliate the offensive from Microsoft, which has just presented a new Surface less than 500 euros, targeting the education sector.