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MacBook Air: a model with USB Type-C ports would still be current


Posted: July 28 2016
Updated: July 28, 2016

by benjamin

While rumors announced the disappearance of the MacBook Air (read: 2016: release of a MacBook 13 ″ & disappearance of the MacBook Air?), it seems that this is not ultimately the case. Indeed, Apple would not plan to abandon it and would even prepare to release a new model equipped with ports USB Type-C.

This rumor was started yesterday by DigiTimes, but it is not really new. As a reminder, noises from corridors announced last June the arrival of new Apple computers for the “Air” and “Pro” range (read: WWDC 2016: new MacBook Air & MacBook Pro presented?).

macbook retina usb c - MacBook Air: a model with USB Type-C ports would still be currentAlthough much information is not yet available, it may well be that Digitimes is in the truth, especially since the Apple has not offered any (major) update to the MacBook Air since its release. It brought one in 2015, but it only consisted of adding an additional 4 GB of RAM, which of course was not enough to satisfy all users.

Releasing a new MacBook Air with USB-C ports would be a way for the Californian brand to renew its range and bring some new features. For the moment, however, we do not know when Apple will present this new ultra-thin MacBook. Some assume that it will be when the new MacBook Pro is presented in the fall, but nothing is sure yet.