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MacBook: A flaw allowed to take control of employees' computers

MacBook: A flaw allowed to take control of employees' computers

the first Wifi connection, it is already too late.

If we agree that the apple brand is generally making great efforts to ensure the security of its devices, it seems that the new MacBook can be easily pirated.

It was during one of the Black Hat USA conferences, a real Mecca for hackers, that the threat was demonstrated. The security breach has appeared in MacBooks using Apple's device enrollment program and its mobile device management platform. The idea is to send MacBooks directly to employees so they can configure their devices from their office or home.

Two security experts have found a bug in the configuration tools and can use it to gain remote access to the MacBook. We found a flaw that allows us to compromise the device and install malware before the user is logged in for the first time. The moment they connect, the moment they see the office, the computer is already compromisedsays Jesse Endahl, security manager at Fleetsmith.

Black Hat conference.

The two experts informed Apple of the problem, which has already released a patch for macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. However, devices manufactured before last month are still vulnerable and businesses need to take matters into their own hands and update the operating system to secure the flaw.