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MacAssistant: Google Assistant ported to Mac (macOS)

Google Assistant is to Google what Siri is at Apple or Cortana to Microsoft. As you can see, this is the virtual and intelligent assistant of the Mountain View company. Unlike the Californian brand, Google does not restrict it to Android. There is already a Google Assistant app for iOS which is certainly limited compared to its Android counterpart, but which offers users many options and features.

However, if Google has made available the Google Assistant application on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch of its own free will (French version to come), the company has not developed a desktop application. This is why it is not possible to get Google Assistant on macOS from the Mac App Store.

macassistant mac macos - MacAssistant: Google Assistant ported to Mac (macOS)Fortunately, the developer community is here! With the release of the Google Assistant SDK, a third-party developer has ported Google’s voice assistant to Mac and offers an application called MacAssistant. Currently, it is only offered in beta but seems to work very well.

MacAssistant is already available for download on GitHub. It is free and once installed on your Mac, it runs from the menu bar. You just have to click on the application icon and connect with your Google account to take advantage of the intelligent assistant on your Apple machine.