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Mac: you can sign your documents from your iPhone or iPad

Mac: you can sign your documents from your iPhone or iPad

The new macOS operating system introduced during WWDC will allow Mac owners to sign a document from an iPhone or iPad.

For now, users who want to sign a document on Mac can do so from the Trackpad. A solution that is not the most practical. With the new macOS Catalina, users will be able to create a digital signature from their iPhone or iPad.

This solution is made possible thanks to the Preview application which already makes it easy to sign documents. But with the new update iOS, iPadOS and macOS, Preview will offer users to sign from their smartphone or tablet, in addition to the current Trackpad.

With their tactile surface, the signature will be much easier to realize and more authentic than on the Trackpad.

From the Preview function, you will have to select Tools, Annotate, Signature, Manage signatures, then Create signatures in order to display the available solutions. The user can then choose between the Trackpad, his iPhone or iPad and the camera in the case of document scanning.

Once the signature is made, it will automatically appear in the application. the user to retrieve it and place it where he wishes.

Being able to sign a document on Mac from an iPhone or iPad makes it easier and more convenient.