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Mac: when will there be something new for Apple’s Logic Pro software?

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about Logic Pro, this computer aided music (CAD) software distributed by Apple. Since the release of the last major version of the software in July 2013 under the name of Logic Pro X, things have indeed been very calm, apart from a few minor modifications. Should we expect something new for Logic Pro? Would the software approach the end of a long career?

logic pro x - Mac: what's new for Apple's Logic Pro software?

Logic Pro, pioneer of electronic music

The release of the new Logic Pro X in 2013 was a comfort to all. No one wanted to see the famous software sink into oblivion. But it’s been more than three years now that things have not changed, except for a few minor changes, and DJs working on OS X see their anxieties come back.

Originating in the late 80s, the software, then called Creator, had been edited to run on Atari ST computers. These computers have particularly marked the history of computers by allowing the development of MAO thanks to the trivialization of MIDI sequencing as on Logic Pro. After more than 25 years in the service of electronic music, the software is now an integral part of the MAO culture and it would be sad to see it disappear.

Up-to-date software from Apple

However, it is to Apple that we owe the Logic Pro of today, with all its current features and functionality. After porting the software to Macintosh and then to PC, Apple bought the company and took the opportunity to stop development on Windows in order to focus on its evolution on Mac OS X.

Once in the hands of Apple, Logic Pro experienced a meteoric boom. The release of its first Logic Sudio pack in 2007 marked a turning point in its history, offering a set of programs capable of working together live.

Since then, many features have been developed on Logic: the live use of VSTs, the use of VSTs from other manufacturers or the use of an arranger keyboard at the same time as a virtual instrument.

What about the future?

After the Express version stopped in 2011, it was legitimate to wonder what would be the future of Logic Pro. Users were delighted to discover the new Logic Pro X version, but despite the few modifications that were made afterwards, no wind of innovation is being felt at the moment for the favorite DJ ex-program…