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Mac: VLC can play 360 videos, VR for 2017

Computer users Mac ofApple (but also from PC under Windows) can now have a semblance of virtual reality directly from their screen. The VideoLan group has just released a test version of its VLC application online. Baptized VLC 360 ° Technical Preview, it has the particularity of being able to play videos at 360 degrees.

In detail, this new feature of VLC currently allows users to wander through the video using their mouse. However, as soon as VR headsets are finally supported, they will be entitled to more sustained experiences in terms of virtual reality.

VLC VR - Mac: VLC can play 360 videos, VR for 2017

Besides, this should not be too long since the company VideoLan plans to launch a more stable version of the application by the beginning of next year, and it will certainly be compatible with most of the VR headsets currently available on the market.

Finally, it is good to know that the VLC 360 ° Technical Preview project does not only belong to VideoLan. To design it, the company partnered with the French manufacturer of 360 ° cameras Giroptic. At the moment, the application is not yet available for the iPhone, but anyone who has a Mac (from OS X 10.10) can download the test version at this address.

VLC 360 degrees - Mac: VLC can play 360 videos, VR for 2017