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Mac stays healthy

Mac stays healthy

Despite a slight fall at the end of the year, the Mac remains in good health. If it is far behind its eternal rival, Apple retains its achievements and even manages to progress significantly on the market, gaining 0.15% market share in one year.


NetMarketShare today releases its traditional revenue statistics to take stock of the status of different operating systems. In great shape, Apple managed to gain 0.15% market share in 2012.

Unsurprisingly, the arrival of Windows 8 has somewhat upset Apple's plans, Microsoft's operating system managing to grab 1.72% of the market share. The result was a staggering 0.23% drop at the end of the year, which somewhat affected Apple's performance.

With 7.07% market share, Apple retains a solid second position, far ahead of Linux (1.19%) and far behind Windows (91.74%).

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