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Mac: sales down in Q3 2016


Posted: October 13 2016
Updated: October 13, 2016

by benjamin

The Mac have not seen any real update for long months and this is reflected in the (estimates of) sales. Indeed, if we believe the latest reports prepared by the firms Gartner and IDC, computer sales Apple were down in the third quarter of this year compared to Q3 that of 2015.

In detail, the decline would be around 13.2% for the apple company. Indeed, if Apple sold 5.7 million Macs last year in the third quarter, it would have sold “only” 5 million units in Q3 2016. The United States remains the country where Apple computers are would sell the best, with 40% of total sales made in this territory.sales mac q3 2015 2016 IDC - Mac: sales down in Q3 2016

However, it is good to know that the decline here would not only concern Apple Macs. It would affect the overall computer market which would have been down about 4.8% for the third quarter of 2016.

Finally, although Apple has most likely experienced a decline in the sale of its Macs in Q3 of 2016, it remains the fourth or fifth largest seller of computers in the world after Lenovo, HP, Dell, with sales similar to those ofASUS.

sales mac q3 2015 2016 gartner - Mac: sales down in Q3 2016