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Mac Pro: new confirmed model, a release in 2019?


Posted: April 7 2017
Updated: April 7, 2017

by benjamin

This week, Apple announced working on a new Mac Pro top of the line. However, this model should not be released for several years, according to informationOSnews.

Thom Holwerda, chief editor of the site, indicates that Apple has been preparing this new Mac Pro for a few months already. The idea of ​​developing a new desktop computer would have been motivated by the numerous negative criticisms concerning the last MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, not adapted to a professional use. The Cupertino company noticed an increase in orders for the old MacBook Pro when the model was released with Touch Bar.

mac pro - Mac Pro: new confirmed model, a release in 2019?This negative spiral forced Apple to work on a new strategy for its next Mac Pro. Indeed, the apple brand has specified that it will be a modular computer. She said that she had made this decision only a few weeks ago, which still portends a very long wait for users. The release of the machine is scheduled for the end of 2018 or early 2019.

Apple hasn’t shared many details about the future Mac Pro, but it will be able to handle programs related to virtual reality.