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Mac Pro: easy repair according to iFixit

Mac Pro iFixit - Mac Pro : une réparation facile selon iFixit

Mac Pro iFixit - Mac Pro : une réparation facile selon iFixit


Posted: January 2 2014
Updated: January 2, 2014

by Youssouf

The all new, dark and cylindrical Mac Pro Apple can seem intimidating and very complex in its design. However, the computer obtains a more than honorable score on the “repairability” scale of iFixit.

Want to find out what’s inside your new $ 3000 Mac Pro? The journey through its entrails should not be too trying according to a disassembly carried out by the technicians of iFixit. Rummaging through an entry-level model of Apple’s latest machine, iFixit found that its design was closer to that of an aluminum soda can than a trash can, to which some have ignominiously compared it.

Mac Pro iFixit - Mac Pro: Easy Repair According to iFixit

Opening the cylindrical case requires a twist to unlock it, so as to highlight the first layer of cards and components. The RAM modules are easily accessible and replaceable, so that users can boost memory up to 64 GB without getting too tired. The solid drive is removed using a simple screwdriver, revealing the flash storage and the flash controller.

iFixit gives a final score of 8 out of 10 to the new Mac Pro on its “repairability” scale (10 corresponding to the easiest to repair).