Mac Pro: Dismantling Reveals “Removable” Intel Processor

demontage mac pro - Mac Pro : son démontage révèle un processeur Intel « amovible »


Posted: December 29 2013
Updated: December 29, 2013

by Youssouf

According to some recent reports, the new Mac Pro is equipped with a processor which can be removed from the system by the user and changed. The latter indicate that the disassembly of the new Mac Pro shows that the integrated Intel processor is removable, thus offering the attractive prospect of upgrades by the user.

Indeed, unlike desktop computers equipped with Windows, those of Apple are generally not manufactured so that users can easily change components. It would therefore seem that the apple firm is adapting more and more to the needs of professionals.

disassembly mac pro - Mac Pro: its disassembly reveals an Intel processor

The disassembly of the Mac Pro by the MacSales blog ensuring that the processor is connectable, it will then be possible when it is obsolete to replace it with a more powerful one without having to buy a new Mac. In addition, MacRumors said, ” The Intel Xeon E5 processor found in the Mac Pro is indeed removable, which allows future upgrades. All the CPUs of the new Mac Pro use the same standardized LGA 2011 socket on the computer motherboard