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Mac Pro ARM to be soon according to former Apple executive

Mac Pro & Pro Display XDR

Former Apple chief executive Jean-Louis Gassee said the Mac Pro ARM could be released in the not too distant future.

Mac Pro ARM

Gassee would have changed his mind about the possibility of seeing a Mac with ARM in the future. He also agrees with the 12-18 month schedule announced by analyst Ming Chi Kuo. The latter had indicated that the first Mac ARM would indeed arrive during this period on the market. However, Gassee's main concern is about how Apple will manage this transition.

The previous switch from PowerPC Intel lasted about a year and in the end, every new Mac sold was with Intel chips. This transition was much easier, however, because the catchment area was significantly smaller than today.

In addition, Gassee suggests that although the entire Mac lineup can easily pass ARM, there is one problem, that of the Mac Pro. Currently, Apple’s A-series chipsets are worthy of competition compared to most notebook chipsets. But they are certainly not at the level of the Xeon chips used for high-end Macs. This could lead Apple, at least initially, to sell Macs with both ARM and Intel edge chips. These would satisfy customers who need maximum performance.

To solve this problem, Gassee suggests that there is a company called Ampere Computing that already produces powerful ARM chipsets with performance similar to the Intel Xeon. In addition, they offer a great advantage in terms of energy consumption. They only need 201 watts versus 400 watts needed for a Xeon chip. And these Ampere Computing chips are made by TSMC, the same company that makes Apple's A-series chips.

What do you think of the evolution towards ARM chips on Mac?