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Mac Pro: a futuristic concept imagines a modular Apple computer

Apple intends to renew its range of desktop computers in the coming years. The apple brand announced at the beginning of the month the development of a new Mac Pro with a modular design. The model is expected for next year, but that did not stop the designers of the site CURVED to imagine its appearance in their latest concept.

The images thus reveal a workstation in the form of a small compact case, in the style of the Mac Mini. A fully scalable model with two inputs for graphics cards, rotating sides, an accessible compartment for the processor, RAM and storage unit. Holes above the case complete the cooling system of the computer, and are used mainly for the exhaust of hot air.

mac pro modular concept - Mac Pro: a futuristic concept imagines a modular Apple computer

Features such as an ignition button with Touch ID or a Touch Bar to access performance information have been planned. To accompany this modular Mac Pro, the designers have planned a 27-inch Apple screen with a Cinema display, like the iMac. Fairly thin, the display panel would have back USB-C connectors.

The apple brand intends to completely revise the design of the Mac Pro. It plans to offer a workstation adapted to the real needs of professional users.