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Mac: OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 4 available

os x mavericks - Mac : OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 8 disponible


Posted: July 24 2013
Updated: July 24, 2013

by Martin

About ten days after version 3, Apple just published the OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 4, its future operating system obviously intended for Mac.

This outing is a little surprise when you know that the Dev center which lets remind developers to download among other things betaOS X and D?iOS is closed. Indeed, the latter was hacked and personal data could have been recovered.

os x mavericks - Mac: OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 4 available

So we thought that just likeiOS 7 beta 4 which should have been released this Monday (according to Apple?s calendar), OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 4 would also be delayed. Well it is not, even if we admit that we would have preferred to see the fourth beta of iOS 7?

In terms of news:

  • the redesigned installation screen interface.
  • when Mission Control is enabled, it is still possible to navigate between pages and windows.
  • possibility to write a message on LinkedIn from the notification center, as well as Twitter and Facebook.
  • when several files are selected, they are surrounded differently (rectangular shape with round corners).

Either way, let?s not spoil the party for Mac developers. They can get this update from the Mac App Store.