Mac OS X Lion, a major update for only $ 29.99!

Mac OS X Lion, a major update for only $ 29.99!

Mac OS X is the heart of the Mac, that’s how Phil Schiller sums up the presentation of Mac OS X Lion.

More than 250 new features are included in this major operating system update for Macs.

Multitouch has been greatly improved, whether in scrolling, zooming and rotating using a multitouch trackpad.

Applications natively support full screen to reduce the risk of being distracted when using an application.

Launchpad is a new application launcher that allows you to display the icons of your applications and organize them as if your screen was that of an iPad.

A new and much appreciated feature will certainly be the automatic document registration system. No more accidental loss of data when an application or system crashes because you can find the latest version of your document as soon as the application reopens. In addition, you will be able to navigate among the different versions of your document, a bit like Time Machine.

Functionality Airdrop allows your Mac to create a Wi-Fi Peer to peer network, automatically and encrypted to exchange files. You quickly have to transport yourself with a USB key to change your files.

Mac OS X Lion will be available in July for only $ 29.99! The major update for Mac OS X 10.7 will be available only through the Mac App Store and will be no less than 4GB. This update will not require a Mac restart.

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