Mac OS X: a virus called StealthBit steals your Bitcoins

Mac Bitcoin - Mac OS X : un virus intitulé StealthBit vole vos Bitcoins


Posted: February 13 2014
Updated: April 6, 2016

by Youssouf

New malware capable of spying on your web browser to steal your Bitcoins appeared on the Apple Mac OS X. The Trojan, which was discovered by SecureMac last Sunday, is disguised as a downloadable Bitcoin application called “StealthBit” which claims to be able to send and receive anonymous Bitcoin payments. The Trojan is named “OSX / CoinThief.A”.

Mac Bitcoin - Mac OS X: A virus called StealthBit steals your BitcoinsThe author of the malware could be linked to the Reddit user named “trevorscool” who announced StealthBit on reddit on February 1. This username is similar to the one used to download StealthBit from GitHub, “Thomasrevor” (at the time of this writing, the GitHub account for “Thomasrevor” has been deleted).

In addition, this same user announced a similar Mac application called “BitVanity” in 2013, which would also have emptied Bitcoin wallets. According to several other Google web caches, “trevorscool” has deleted old messages inviting people to download and use its new Bitcoin applications…