Mac Mini: the big comeback in 2018?

Mac Mini: the big comeback in 2018?

os-x-el-capitan ipa iphoneWhat if Apple's fallen child got back on its feet in 2018? After 3 years of absence, the Mac Mini could make a comeback!


Mac Mini could make a comeback in 2018

If the rumors are to be believed, the Mac Mini was never a true desire on the part of the big Apple, but indeed a strong demand from shareholders at the time. Despite everything, he was able to make his own way, finding a place with many users.

Unfortunately, the last three years have been the scene of a real boycott of this little computer, no longer being materially updated …

But a photo of the future NUC (Next Unit of Computing) from Intel, could be reminiscent of the return of the little Mac. Indeed, the latter has a Kaby Lake H processor (Kaby Lake processor + AMD GPU), these same chips simplify the design and improve performance. They should be rumored to be implemented in future entry-level iMacs but which should also be included in … the new Mac Mini!

The big plus of these chips is a maximum bandwidth between CPU and GPU, and therefore an improvement in performance in GP-GPU. Hopefully the arrival of these new chips will mark the return of these little Apple machines!