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Mac: malware increased 744% in 2016 on macOS

The malware have invaded Mac in 2016. According to the last report of McAfee, malware attacks have increased by 744% on Apple computers last year. However, there is no reason to panic, the majority of these threats being adware. These are adware that are bothersome, but which remain much less dangerous than viruses.

The computer security specialist discovered 460,000 samples of malware on Macs, a huge increase from 2015 figures. So there were more than 630 million malware cases last year.

malware - Mac: malware increased by 744% in 2016 on macOSAlthough most attacks are related to adware, McAfee still recalls the existence of threats not to be overlooked such as “Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor”, Xagent or the BitTorrent Transmission client. These malware are capable of stealing passwords, iPhone backups and much more.

Users wishing to avoid malware / viruses and adware should only download software from trusted developers, directly from the Mac App Store. By doing so, they can be sure of securing their computers.