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Mac: macOS malware on the rise, but not as much as on Windows


Posted: July 12 2017
Updated: July 12, 2017

by Paul

The latest report from McAfee Labs reveals that malware targeting Mac ofApple once again rose last month. In addition, the number of Macs infected with malware during the first quarter of 2017 was higher than ever before. The total number of malware occurrences detected is said to have reached more than 700,000, which corresponds to a growth of 53%.

McAfee reports that malware affecting Macs most often tends to be adware. Adware, also known as adware or adware, is software that displays, as its name suggests, unwanted advertising when it is used.

Malware cases detected on Macs represent only 1% of those found on Windows machines, where the total reaches nearly 700 million. Unsurprisingly, computers from Bill Gates’ firm are much more targeted by the attacks.

However, you have to put it in context. Even though Macs are known to be malware-proof, this difference comes mainly from the fact that the creators of this software generally avoid targeting them because of their relatively small user base.