Mac malware logiciel malveillant

Mac increasingly exposed to malware

Not surprisingly, the amount of malware in circulation is decreasing, but it is the target platforms that are evolving, with a sharp increase for Mac users.

Malwarebytes comes from publish its “Cybercrime Tactics and Techniques” for the first quarter of 2019. As this report shows, the number of malware in circulation is down with 35% fewer detections compared to the previous quarter.

The most surprising in this report are the targets of this malware. Malwarebytes sees a 62% increase in detections on Macs. This evolution is due to the dizzying number ofadwareoutstanding with an increase of 201%, compared to the last quarter of 2018.

Malware is becoming more and more sophisticated, with portions of code that rely on open source content, trying to place hidden command lines within certain executables. The goal is to be able to more easily create drobic doors in order to then install other equally malicious software.