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Mac File Opener, the new malware that makes Apple tremble

Apple is one of the most secure technology companies in the world. This is valid for computers as well as for smartphones and tablets of the brand. While the Mac, Apple computers, have long been considered as fortresses, in recent years have been much less happy, marked in particular by the proliferation of malware and infectious agents of all kinds. The latest, Mac File Opener, almost shakes Apple.

It is to the computer security company Malwarebytes that we owe the discovery of Mac File Opener, this new malware that threatens OS X. If we are talking about OS X, it is because macOS Sierra is not it seems, not affected by Mac File Opener. If you have ever had to visit the official website ofAdvanced Mac Cleaner, you are very likely to have picked up the virus, which is hidden there. Thus, when downloading and installing the Advanced Mac Cleaner tool on your Mac, a second application could be downloaded and installed without your knowledge. This application is called Mac File Opener, and the coldest thing about this malware is its file “Info.plist”Which mentions its capacity to open 232 different types of files…

mac file opener 754x377 - Mac File Opener, the new malware that makes Apple trembleFor now, no statistics can quantify the number of infected machines, but the virus has a relatively smooth operating mechanism, while remaining aggressive and harmful to your Mac. Indeed, once Mac File Opener installed, when you want to open a file with one of the extensions recognized by the malware, the latter will take the place of the application supposed to open the file, and will instead open a dialog box similar to that of OS X, telling you that there is no application on your computer to open the desired file.

The dialog box even offers you the option of finding a solution on the Internet, and if you choose this, you will be redirected to the macfileopener (dot) com site, where a few malware friends are just waiting for your arrival to do the journey to your hard drive. These are just as nasty applications as Mac File Opener, including PCVARK like Mac Adware Remover or Mac Space Revive, which will take possession of your Mac. These applications being “certified” by Apple, their installation is automatic.