Mac ARM: a clarification for 2020

Mac ARM: a clarification for 2020

Apple seems to have decided to move its Macs to processors with an ARM architecture, something that is generally reserved for smartphones and tablets.

According to new sources, Apple seems ready to make a technical change to its range of computers. As the reports Axios, many sources have exposed them to several information concerning Mac ARM. The first models could land in the course of 2020 with a range of ultrabooks.

This decision is part of the continuation of what Apple wants to unify the platforms. The firm actually wants to facilitate the task of developers by having only one version of application to design. This just reminds of the Marzipan project which recently talked about.

But with the arrival of a new generation of Mac ARM, it is legitimate to wonder about the models equipped with Intel processors. It is conceivable that the firm will want to keep only one type of device, since different architectures could pose some problems.

What about compatibility with Windows? Microsoft is working hard to make Windows 10 compatible with ARM processors from Qualcomm. Even if things progress, for the moment nothing is too sure.