Lumia 900 and iPhone 4S production cost comparison

Lumia 900 and iPhone 4S production cost comparison

It's no secret that Apple is probably the company with the biggest profit margin per device sold. This infographic comparing the production costs and the selling price of the iPhone 4S and the Lumia 900 from Nokia makes it easier to see …

If in the end the production costs of the Lumia 900 and the iPhone 4S are not that different – $ 209 for the Lumia 900 and $ 190 for the iPhone 4S, the difference can be explained by the on-board technology, more recent for the Lumia 900 – we notice that it is especially on the final sale price that Apple earns the most money compared to its competitors. $ 649 against $ 450 only for the Lumia 900. In practice, this allows Cupertino to pocket $ 459 against $ 241 for Nokia for devices that are both of excellent quality, with advantages and faults that balance out . More than ever, “Apple” sells its products more expensive thanks to its name, its reputation and the quality of its products.

When you know that a smartphone pays significantly more than a traditional mobile phone, we understand better why Nokia must imperatively invest in these state-of-the-art devices, which can pay off very big. It's not for nothing that Samsung and Apple alone pocketed 98% of the net profits in the cellphone sector …

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[Source: JDG]