Lumia 635 faster and new Lumia 640 for MWC

If the smartphone Lumia 635 unveiled in June 2014 benefits from a fairly correct configuration including a Snapdragon 400 platform with quad-core processor and 4G / LTE modem, it still fishes on one point in particular. With 512 MB of RAM, it is not difficult to push it to its limits when you dare a few games.

This is why Microsoft would have decided to offer a slightly faster version. We are talking about a Lumia 635 with RAM 1 GB whose presentation would be scheduled for March 2, at MWC in Barcelona, ​​for which GNT will also be traveling. Nothing surprising in any case, knowing that even the Lumia 435 and Lumia 535 models enjoy such an amount of RAM.

Nokia Lumia 635The Lumia 635 smartphone (click to enlarge)

At the same time, it is the successor to this Lumia 635 smartphone that is talking about it. According to leaked information, this new model called Lumia 640 will be accompanied by a SoC S400 (same), from a screen 5 inch in 1280 x 720 pixels (against 4.5 inches in 854 x 480 pixels), photo sensors 8.7 and 0.9 Megapixel (against 5 Megapixels and nothing) and an 8 GB flash memory expandable by MicroSD (same).

And here too, we expect a formal presentation at the world mobility fair to be held in Spain. A rate of 275 dollars has also filtered for this mid-range model.