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In a nutshell, LuluBox is the type of application to avoid for many reasons like its numerous and questionable permissions and average efficiency. Supposed to unlock skins for Android games, this application seems to no longer exploit user data.

What is this application for?

Unofficial and unavailable in the Google Play Store, LuluBox is an application that offers free premium and paid content in several Android games and applications. She thus proposes to modify the original content of certain games to unlock skins or to literally cheat in multiplayer.

It is supposed to be possible to unlock skins for Free Fire, PUBG Mobile or Brawl Stars games. Finally, this is what the application announces on paper because most mods and hacks are buggy or simply do not work.


How to use Lulubox?

Since LuluBox is not available in the official Google catalog, the user must manually install the APK file on their device. For the steps to follow, we recommend our full tutorial on manual installation of an Android app.

An unreliable application

By its nature, its many bugs and its abusive permissions during installation, the editorial staff does not recommend installing or using this questionable and ineffective application on many games. An app to avoid!