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Lucky Patcher7.2.8

Lucky Patcher is free, simple to use, and particularly effective for patching Android apps and games to remove ads, unlock game levels, and unlock in-app purchases. Use with caution and in accordance with the law!

What is the use of Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is an application that lets you patch games and applications from your smartphone or tablet using Android. It can be used for many needs: modifying application permissions, removing unwanted ads and banners, creating personalized patches for specific apps or even deleting in-app purchases.

However, we draw the reader’s attention to the use of certain functionalities which could be contrary to certain laws and conditions imposed by application publishers.

How to install it?

Not being available on the Play Store, the user is invited to download and manually install an APK file on Android. To do this, the device does not need to be rooted, that is to say have full administrator rights. In addition, it may be necessary to deactivate the Play Protect within Google Play Store, this function may indeed block the installation of Lucky Patcher which will detect it as a false positive.

What does this app offer?

The main screen of Lucky Patcher displays the applications installed on the device as well as the presence or absence of personalized patches, in-app purchases, advertisements or license verification.

The user can then view detailed information and patch each app to remove ads, modify permissions, delete license verification or unlock the progress of a game. This can be very useful to unlock the levels of a game and have unlimited resources.

Depending on the apps, custom patches are available for certain apps for faster and more reliable installation. However, some patches require a rooted device. During our tests, the application correctly removed the ads and installed the custom patches.

Its grip

The interface of Lucky Patcher is easy to use and fully translated into French. It also offers installation reports to view any errors and successes during the installation of patches.