Low cost iPhone: photos of yellow, red and green models?

iPhone low cost jaune rouge vert - iPhone low cost : photos de modèles jaune, rouge et vert ?

Certainly, it seems that the iPhone 5S is not the only device expected to be talked about in recent days. Indeed, new photos of the future low cost Apple iPhone have been posted on the WeiPhone forum and taken up by our colleagues from Nowhereelse.

On the first, we can observe the back covers of three supposed low cost iPhone: a yellow model, a red and an apple green. As always, it is difficult to know if these devices are authentic, as the net is full of Chinese imitations. However, these low cost iPhone pick up some rumors about the future iDevice of the Cupertino company (colors, exterior appearance), which makes them more plausible.

iPhone low cost yellow red green - iPhone low cost: photos of models yellow, red and green?

On the second photo revealing the interior of the low cost iPhone shell, Nowherelse had the good idea to put the motherboard that can equip the iPhone 5S in the future (read: iPhone 5S: photos of the screen and the motherboard), and it turns out that it fits perfectly, this which makes these shots all the more interesting…

interior iPhone low cost green - iPhone low cost: pictures of yellow, red and green models?

As a reminder, the low cost iPhone could be intended initially for emerging countries and should be released before the end of the year.