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A geolocation meeting application, which is distinguished by an integrated purchasing system with a fun aspect. At the expense of a somewhat muddled interface.

Sure LOVOO, the women or men (or both) registered appear on a speed camera, from a perimeter that you define. So, unlike Tinder-type applications, you can view different profiles at the same time, without having to like or pass them directly.

The types of interactions with other members are also varied, to the point that navigation sometimes turns out to be messy from one window to another. You can start a chat with them, become their friend or even their fan.

You have a fund of available credits, which you can fund via in-app purchases or free actions, such as logging into the app daily or sponsoring your Facebook friends. Although they are not essential, these credits allow you to get a better visibility on the service, to send “kisses” or even to reveal which people have visited your profile.

In addition, from € 1.35 per week, you can enjoy the benefits of VIP status: a highlighted profile, an invisible navigation mode, free credits or even blocking advertisements. Finally, the application multiplies the steps to avoid false profiles. This will make it easier for so-called “verified” accounts to interact with other members.