lots of DVDs for the box version

lots of DVDs for the box version

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This is why the matrialis offer no longer makes sense in the face of games that consume more and more disk space. Unless you have a blu-ray player but it is not very widespread on PC although find blu-ray players (DVD and CD burner only included) for fairly reasonable prices.

That said, for people with a fairly low Internet speed, the DVD solution is the best.

What constitutes the majority of users (long live the 5 / 6megas adsl)! In this sense and contrary to your first assertion, the physical offer still has a bright future ahead of it!

The lack of penetration of bluray readers / writers is however attributable to the change in pirate habits (mulation of isos / portable version rather than burning) and to the blatant lack of interest of the general public for the video … In addition, the prices do not drop, it is not possible to force the builders / integrators …

Small info, at the wholesale level, the stock of br recorders is really ridiculous see 0. Cot br reader is the minimum union. On the other hand, DVD recorders are still going as fast as 10 years ago …

Ba, you do like when we use mule at the beginning of the adsl, you launch in the evening and you have it for the next day.

When you say pirates, you're talking about MR everyone the end user actually.

the lack of penetration is mainly the lack of supply linked to the lack of demand. They are already having trouble filling the DVD medium with all their bonuses, then the BR .

And the government promised us fiber for all in 2017