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Lost Wi-Fi password: what to do?

Can’t connect to your Wi-Fi network due to memory issues? It can be arranged.

lost wifi password

Between your email identifiers, those of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even your PIN code, your information mixes up … and that’s perfectly normal! To help you find your passwords more easily, we had already published the following tip. Today we’re going to focus on retrieving your Wi-Fi credentials via your computer. A simple and fast approach.

To recover your Wi-Fi password via your PC, you must first open a command prompt in administrator mode. Don’t panic, the programming concepts required are minimal.

In Windows therefore, start by opening the menu Start then click on the folder Windows system. Then move your mouse over the option Command Prompt and right click.

command prompt wifi password lost

Go to More to display the options offered and select the second: Execute as administrator.

command prompt administrator password wifi

When you use a Wi-Fi connection for the first time, your machine will ask you for permission to save your password. By checking the dedicated box, it retains it for you. During future uses, the connection will be made automatically. From your recently opened command prompt, you can display a list of all the Wi-Fi networks known to your PC.

To do this, enter the command netshwlan show profile and press the key Entrance on your keyboard. The list of your Wi-Fi networks will be displayed as follows:

recover wifi password

All you have to do is recover the password for your Wi-Fi network. To do this, you need to enter a new command line. write netsh wlan show profile NOMDEVOTREWIFIkey = clear. Remember to replace the NOMDEVOTREWIFI value with the Wi-Fi network concerned (example here: GRAIN_DE_SEL). Confirm by pressing the key again Entrance.

Finally locate the line entitled Content of the key. The latter displays your Wi-Fi password. You just have to enter it to activate your network!

recover wifi password

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