Lost of sight: why are apps disappearing from the Windows Store?

Lost of sight: why are apps disappearing from the Windows Store?

Image 1: Lost of sight: why applications disappear from the Windows Store?

For several days, applications are removed manu militari du Windows Phone Store. The fault is not with Microsoft, who would like to clean up the bad apples of its online store, but rather with the publishers of the applications themselves. The beginning of the end for the Store dedicated to Redmond smartphones?

The owners of device under Windows Phone would they be alarmed, since some of the flagship applications of the Windows Phone Store have just been purely and simply deleted? Because among them, we find TeamViewer, the popular remote control tool, as well as VLC-Remote and the official app of the Bank of america (the largest American bank). If the latter has not yet completely disappeared, its publisher has announced that it will no longer be supported from March 2015. And even the alternative browser, Opera Mini, seems to have shut down and is no longer present on the Windows Phone Store.

Does this mean that the publishers abandon one by one the Microsoft platform, which represents only 2.9% of the world market smartphones (source: IDC)? Maybe not. Because following the disappearance of their apps, some publishers wanted to reassure users. Opera should soon return (in beta). The same goes for the TeamViewer app, if we believe the tweet posted by the app’s support service.

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It remains strange, however, that all these deletions took place at the same time, or almost. In a market largely dominated by Android, it could be feared that publishers will gradually abandon Microsoft’s mobile platform. But there is another hypothesis, perhaps more reassuring: and if publishers were already starting to standardize their applications, in anticipation of Windows 10 ? Because remember, the Windows 10 Store for PC will be common to that of Windows 10 for smartphones. New apps adapted to the two platforms will therefore appear during the year, and deleting some of them from the Windows Phone Store would therefore be completely justified.