Lost an AirPods Pro tip? Apple charges $ 4

Lost an AirPods Pro tip? Apple charges $ 4

Lost an AirPods Pro tip? Apple charges $ 4 – iPhone Soft

airpods pro iconMore information about AirPods Pro. While we now know the characteristics and the price of repairs, Apple has given some details to some journalists present at a private event in New York. Among them, John Gruber who shared the price of an AirPod tip.

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$ 4, or 5 for a tip of AirPods Pro?

The man behind Daring Fireball gave his impressions on the new heads of Apple, as well as a detail that may interest customers in the future more or less close.

Indeed, if you ever lose a tip – no matter the size S, M or L – Apple told the blogger that it will cost you 4 dollars, or 5 euros. A priori, it will be the price of the batch of three. Do you mean or not?

For memory, a broken or lost AirPod Pro will cost you 99 piece.


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