Lizard Stress its hacke user database!

Lizard Stress its hacke user database!

Brian Krebs had previously revealed Lizard Stresser's underwear. This rental service offered by the Lizard Squad group derives most of its power from thousands of pirated home routers in order to carry out distributed denial of service attacks.

Lizard StresserThese had been particularly effective in blocking PSN and Xbox Live during Christmas. A feat that ensured the promotion of Lizard Stresser to a certain audience potentially interested.

In a post published on Krebs On Security, Brian Krebs indicates that he obtained a copy of the database of the more than 14,241 registered users of Lizard Stresser. Among these, several hundred have deposited for a total of nearly $ 11,000 in bitcoins in order to carry out attacks targeting thousands of IP addresses and sites.

So you have to understand that someone hacked the Lizard Stresser service site and compromised the customer database. What is more, the identifiers of the registered users were in clear, without therefore the least measure of encryption.

This is not very serious for hackers worthy of the name. When we add the information of a new arrest by the British authorities of a young man implicated in the attacks of Sony and Microsoft at Christmas, we begin to think that these hackers are not good at hiding traces.